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Poulan Pro PR48BT Blower

Poulan Pro PR48BT Backpack Leaf Blower-Buyers Guide

The Poulan Pro PR48BT leaf blower is a high-power, gasoline backpack blower that is suitable for commercial or large residential properties. The robust leaf blower features a powerful engine, impressive air flow, and load-reducing harness for ease of use. To help make clearing wet leaves, small stones, grass clippings, light snow, and other debris easy, the backpack leaf blower has cruise control and variable speed throttle.

A gas-powered blower like the Poulan Pro PR48BT is an excellent power tool for clearing parks and gardens. The powerful volume of air leaving the blower tube helps to collect autumn leaves into large piles. The backpack design and ergonomic harness ensure that weight is evenly distributed over your body. This helps to relive muscle strain and provide lumbar support while clearing leaves.

Choosing the right gas leaf blower for your needs can be challenging. You must consider factors such as ergonomic design, noise levels, air speed, and fuel efficiency. Then you must ensure that using the blower for an extended period won’t cause unnecessary fatigue.

One of the most popular gas-powered leaf blowers is the Poulan Pro PR48BT. This in-depth review examines the reasons why the Poulan Pro is a market leader. By comparing this leaf blower with similar models will help you make an informed decision. We also give an unbiased appraisal of the pros and cons of buying the Poulan Pro PR48BT.

Poulan Pro PR48BT Blower Specifications

The best way to compare the Poulan PR48BT gas-powered leaf blower with similar models in its class is to know its specifications. Here are the technical details of this Poulan commercial grade backpack leaf blower:

  • Engine capacity: 48CC 2-stroke engine
  • Weight: 22 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 13” x 17” x 17”
  • Fuel tank capacity: 49.3 fl. oz.
  • Air speed: 200 mph
  • Air flow in pipe: 475 CFM
  • Noise levels: 96.7 dBA
  • Warranty: Two years

Poulan Pro PR48BT Light Backpack Leaf Blower Features

Knowing the best features of any type of blower is a crucial part of the decision process. When it comes to the Poulan Pro PT48BT, there are range of features that are worthy of your consideration. Here is what you can expect to get:

  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Variable speed throttle control
  • Cruise control to reduce fatigue
  • Ergonomic adjustable shoulder straps on a load-reducing harness
  • Soft grip handles
  • Suitable for clearing wet or dry leaves, as well as grass, branches, small stones, and stubborn debris
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Poulan Pro PR48BT Light Backpack Leaf Blower In-Depth Review

Let’s look in more detail at why the Poulan Pro PR48BT is a great choice for your next leaf blower.

Poulan Pro Engine Power

One of the reasons why the Poulan Pro 48BT leaf blower is popular with homeowners and professionals is its powerful engine. The gasoline engine has a displacement of 44CC in a 2-stroke engine. Compared to some other gas blowers, this is very impressive for the cost.

The engine’s robust construction and fuel efficiency means that maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. For efficiency, the Poulan Pro compares with other top brands such as Husqvarna.

Poulan Pro PR48BT Air Speed and Air Volume

The Poulan Pro leaf blower has the ideal balance when it comes to air speed and volume. When choosing the best gas-powered backpack leaf blower, there are two critical factors to consider — air speed (MPH) and CFM of air flow. Fast air speed means it makes light work of shifting heavy debris. Whereas air volume measures the cubic feet per minute of air flow. A high CFM rating means it takes less time to shift more leaves.

The Poulan pumps out air at an impressive volume of 475 CFM. This is comparable to some of the best backpack leaf blowers but for a fraction of the cost.

The air speed of the Poulan Pro 48BT is 200 miles per hour which is what you would expect from top-brand gas blowers.

Design and Ease of Use

One area where the Poulan Pro 48BT backpack blower excels is in its ergonomic design. The soft grip handle, extra padded harness, and contoured padded shoulder straps make it easy to use the unit. Also, the throttle with cruise control on the air tube is easy to operate and doesn’t cause fatigue.

Poulan Pro PR48BT Backpack Leaf Blower Pros and Cons

What are the benefits and drawbacks of using the Poulan Pro 48BT to clean piles of leaves, larger debris, and powdery snow? Here are the Poulan PR48BT pros and cons:


  • Fuel efficient, durable, powerful 48CC 2-cycle engine
  • High airflow ratings and powerful air velocity
  • Harness with padded straps
  • Suitable for heavy-duty jobs
  • Variable speed control and cruise control
  • Inexpensive gas-powered leaf blower
  • 475 CFM / 200 MPH
  • Large capacity, see-through fuel tank to check the fuel level
  • Lightweight backpack leaf blower
  • Ideal for residential or professional use


  • Some users found it difficult to assemble
  • Not the ideal choice for occasional use
  • Fairly loud

Best Features of Poulan Pro PR48BT Leaf Blower

The best features of the Poulan Pro PR48BT are the powerful leaf-blowing capabilities and inexpensive price tag. For just over $200, you get a lightweight, gas-powered leaf blower that rivals commercial-grade gas models. The leaf blower features high air velocity of 200 MPH and an impressive air flow rating of 475 CFM feet per minute.

Apart from the leaf blower’s capacity for clearing heavy debris in a fast time, many users like the comfortable harness and affordable price.

Reasons to Buy the Poulan Pro PR48BT

If you are looking for a gas-powered backpack leaf blower for under $300, then the affordable price of the Poulan Pro PR48BT makes this an excellent choice. With an air flow capacity of 475 CFM and air speed at 200 MPH, there is little that will stand in its way.

While it may not have the power of a 4-stroke engine, the 44CC 2-cycle engine still packs a punch. This is an advantage because the engine is less noisy than some larger-capacity leaf blowers.

Comparing the reviews of users, it is clear that features like the trigger with cruise control and variable speed, padded straps, and efficiency were the main compelling reasons to purchase the Poulan Pro PR48BT.

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In Conclusion

Our verdict is that the Poulan Pro PR48BT is the perfect choice if you are looking for a commercial grade backpack blower. From all the gas-powered models on the market, it is difficult to beat the Poulan 48BT in terms of price, durability, and power.