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What are the Best Electric Leaf Blowers

Getting an electric leaf blower can turn laborious yard work into an easy task. Corded leaf blowers are generally cheaper than gas leaf blowers and cordless blowers. The only limiting factor of using an electric leaf blower to clear your yard is the length of cable. Many of the top electric blowers on the market in 2020 have added vacuum and mulching capabilities—something that few gas or battery ones have.

Homeowners who buy an electrically-powered leaf blower soon find that they have multiple uses. You can plug it into an electrical outlet and then start clearing snow, small branches, and even vacuum the inside of your car.

If you are looking to purchase a suitable electric-powered leaf blower for yard work, it can be difficult to know what is best. It’s important to consider factors such as power, noise, weight, and, of course, price. Then you need to think if you need one with a vacuum attachment.

Features of Our Top 6 Electric Leaf blowers —An Overview

Electric Leaf BlowerBest FeatureCFMMPHPrice
CRAFTSMAN CMEBL700Lightweight and compact385230
electric leaf blower
WORX WG520Super powerful turbine motor600110
electric leaf blower
DEWALT DWBL700Variable speed and cruise control288189
electric leaf blower
Greenworks 24012Excellent budget option150160
electric leaf blower
BLACK+DECKER BV60003-in-1 with mulching capabilities400250
electric leaf blower
WORX WG509 TRIVACPowerful blower, vacuum, and mulcher350210
electric leaf blower

Review of the 6 Best Electric Leaf Blowers

Let’s look in more detail at what each of these top-selling electric leaf blowers has to offer.

1. CRAFTSMAN Electric Leaf Blower CMEBL700

This leaf blower by Craftsman is a top-quality gardening tool with vacuuming and mulching capabilities. The robust 12-amp motor delivers an impressive 380 CFM with an air velocity of up to 240 mph. The unit comes with two nozzles for blowing and vacuuming. The vacuum attachment has a wide opening to make debris removal easier.

One of the excellent features of this 3-in-1 leaf blower is the anti-clog system. Many combined blowers and mulchers get easily blocked. With this metal impeller design for mulching, gardening clearing becomes much easier. The compact model also has a soft-grip ergonomic handle to maximize comfort and control.


  • A powerful 12-amp motor that gets rid of garden debris fast
  • A low-cost model that doesn’t compromise on performance
  • Lightweight design
  • Low noise and suitable for indoor use


  •  Many users complain that the blower is poorly built and doesn’t last long

2. WORX WG520 Turbine 600 Corded Electric Leaf Blower

Worx has created electric leaf blowers with turbine technology motors to provide superior performance. This leaf blower boasts an impressive 600 CFM, much more than any other leaf blower on the list. Its leaf-clearing capabilities put it on par with some of the top gas-powered leaf blowers. What is surprising is that the powerful unit weighs just over 6 lbs., which means it won’t strain your arm.

Even though the air velocity doesn’t seem as good as other models, this Worx leaf blower clears more debris in a faster time. Also, the variable speed means that it’s a great option for tackling lighter tasks and heavy-duty ones. The unique hyper stream nozzle ensures maximum performance from this low-cost leaf blower.


  • Suitable for any clearing any type of debris 
  • The hyper nozzle helps to clear wet leaves with ease
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Excellent price


  • No vacuuming or mulching capabilities
  • Is noisier than other electric leaf blowers

3. DEWALT DWBL700 Electric Blower

DeWALT is well-known for top-quality powered tools, and this electric blower ranks among the top ones. This leaf blower features a powerful motor, making it easy to clear away all types of leaves and garden debris. The impressive 405 CFM along with 145 mph air velocity makes light work of leaf clearing.

This unit comes complete with three nozzles for tackling various tasks—large and small. The DeWALT leaf blower is perfect for clearing leaves from large lawns or getting rid of debris out of small crevices.

One of the advantages of buying DeWALT tools is that you get contractor-grade equipment for home use. So, the quality of this unit means it should work for many years.


  • Variable speed control to tackle large and small jobs
  • Powerful performance
  • Excellent ergonomic design and comfort ability
  • Variable speed control


  • A noisy motor which is comparable to gas-powered blowers
  • High price
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4. Greenworks 24012 7 Amp Single Speed Electric 160 MPH Blower

Choosing this leaf blower from Greenworks means you can say goodbye to hours of raking garden leaves. The budget leaf blower unit has a capacity of 150 CFM, which is good enough to clear debris from hard surfaces. This leaf blower has also been designed to provide maximum operation with less noise.

Although the specs of this leaf blower aren’t comparable to others on this list, it’s designed for small gardening tasks. It has a single speed, it’s lightweight, quiet, and cost-effective. At most online stores, this leaf blower retails at under $30. So, if you need something simple to clear fall leaves and light snow, this is worth considering.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Perfect for clearing porches, patios, decks, or sidewalks
  • Energy-efficient 7-amp motor


  • Not suitable for blowing wet leaves
  • Weak airflow that doesn’t work well on lawns or grass
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5. BLACK+DECKER (BV6000) 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower, Leaf Vacuum, Mulcher, 12-Amp

The Black+Decker BV6000 is an exceptional electric leaf blower that makes light work of vacuuming and mulching. The powerful motor delivers speeds of up to 250 mph with 400 CFM—powerful enough to move the even the stubbornest of leaves. The handle design is for use with two hands, which helps improve control. A shoulder strap is also included to make the blower easy to operate without straining your arms.

The advantage of the Balck+Decker BV6000 is the effective mulching power of the metal fan. It boasts a 16:1 ratio, meaning that 16 bags of debris can be condensed into one. The variable speed means that you can quickly clear damp leaves from lawns or gently vacuum up debris from flower beds.

One thing to consider with this leaf blower is that it tends to be noisy. It has a noise rating of 68 dB, which is above the standard 68 dB. Overall, this is a great product for any size of yard if you need to remove or vacuum leaves.


  • Excellent performance for the price
  • High impact metal impeller that prevents clogging
  • Ergonomic handle and easy to control
  • Easy to start and use
  • Works well when clearing damp debris


  • Noisy operation despite the manufacturer’s claims of a 50% noise reduction
  • Vacuum bags are of poor quality

6. WORX WG509 TRIVAC 12 Amp 3-in-1 Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum

The Worx Trivac WG509 electric leaf blower is one of the most impressive ones on our list. The powerful blower delivers air speeds up to 210 mph at 350 CFM. The airflow tube is cleverly designed to make leaf clearing a joy, not a chore. This leaf blower is suitable for quickly clearing damp leaves from large areas.

One of the impressive features of this model is its mulching capabilities. The two-stage metal impeller has an 18:1 mulch ratio, allowing you to shred 18 bags of yard debris into one. The easy click opening allows for easy cleaning if the fan gets clogged.

When compared to gas-powered leaf blowers, the Worx Trivac is just as impressive, but for a fraction of the price. This electric model is one of the best choices if you need a leaf blower for a medium-sized yard.


  • Powerful motor
  • The best mulching capabilities of any electric leaf blower
  • Impressive 18:1 mulch ratio
  • Angled tube to clean under garden furniture
  • Attachable bag and shoulder strap included


  • Many complain that the bag is too small
  • The overall design is awkward
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Guide to Buying the Best Electric Leaf Blower

Choosing an electric leaf blower is one of the best, cost-effective solutions to keep your yard free from debris. All you need is the right length of extension cord to reach all areas of your garden. You will also find that the electrically-powered leaf blower is useful in any season.

When shopping around for the best electric leaf blower, price is important. However, it’s also essential to consider the size of the yard, the amount of work involved, and if you need a 3-in-1 model.

Why Buy an Electric Leaf Blower?

The main reason why many homeowners buy corded leaf blowers is due to their price. Electric leaf blowers are cheaper than battery-operated ones and have a longer run time. The best outlet-powered leaf blowers are also just as effective as gas blowers, but there are no emissions. So, they’re better for your health and the environment.

For most people who regularly use electric blowers, the cord is only a minor inconvenience. It is easy enough to reach all nooks and crannies of your yard if you have the appropriate length of cord.

What to Look for When Buying an Electric Leaf Blower

When comparing the many different electric leaf blowers, it’s crucial to consider all factors. If you are looking for a simple, lightweight blower to occasionally clear dry leaves, there is no point buying top-of-the-range model. But, if you have a large area to clear of leaves, branches, and small stones, it’s worthwhile investing in a durable model.

Our helpful guide below will help you weigh up the various factors when choosing the best electric leaf blower for your needs.
  • Weight—Electric leaf blowers are generally lighter than battery- or gas-powered blowers. So, weight is rarely a factor. However, some electric blowers are on the heavy side. This extra weight can cause arm strain when using for extended periods. If you think that the weight may cause strain, pick a model with an adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Run time—There is no issue with run time when it comes to electric-powered leaf blowers. Cordless blowers and gas-powered leaf blowers are restricted to fuel or charge.
  • Blower power—The most important factor to consider is the power of the blower. Leaf blowers with a high cubic foot per minute (CFM) rating can shift a large volume of wet and damp leaves. It’s also important that the engine power can be adjusted to suit the task. In essence, high speeds are needed for large areas, whereas slower speeds are better for confined spaces.
  • Gardening needs—Your choice of electric leaf blower ultimately comes down to your requirements. If you have a large yard to care for with many trees, you will need a high-capacity leaf blower. However, if you only have a small yard to look after and there are not many leaves, then a cheaper leaf blower will do the job just fine.
  • Noise rating—One of the biggest complaints about leaf blowers is their noise. Thankfully, electric and cordless blowers are quieter than gas ones. However, some corded leaf blowers can get noisy on full power, so always look at the noise rating before buying.
  • User-friendliness—In the end, a good quality leaf blower should make leaf clearing easier, not more difficult. Look for models that have excellent ergonomic handles, powerful CFM ratings, and are easy to use.


Why should you choose an electric leaf blower? What are the advantages of corded electric blowers over battery-powered or gas ones? Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Electric leaf blowers have a longer run time than their battery-operated or gas-power counterparts
  • There is little servicing with electric leaf blowers, compared to gasoline leaf blowers.
  • Electric-powered blowers are lighter than cordless blowers and gas leaf blowers
  • Corded leaf blowers are generally quieter than gas leaf blowers
  • Typically, electric leaf blowers are cheaper