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Hi, my name is Rob Staines and I am the creator of this site. I started this site because I have an interest in machinery, and now spending time in my garden, I enjoy using my powered garden tools to maintain my yard. Here at we endeavor to help you with deciding what power tools will be best for you to use to help maintain your backyard.

A little bit about me, after leaving school I completed an apprenticeship as a mechanic, and then spent a large part of my life in the agriculture industry. I have a large interest in everything mechanical and the maintenance of my tools ensuring that I get the best out of them and they last for a long time.

Growing crops most of my farming life, when preparing the soil for planting, I have used both tilling the soil and also used no till ways in getting the soil ready. Over the years I have learnt that there are advantages and disadvantages to tilling the soil in preparation for planting your seeds.

For a few years I owned a mowing and gardening service. In this business I used a lot of gardening tools to make my job a lot easier.  Some of the jobs involved mowing lawns, big and small areas. A nicely cut lawn always looks a lot more impressive when the edges are neat and tidy as well.

For me to get the best results for my clients, I had to rely on my tools to do the job. That meant having good quality tools, which would be used frequently. But most importantly the maintenance on the tools needed to be done regularly. So, the care, upkeep and storage of my tools was top priority to finish each job.

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Tools that I used for Mowing lawns-

  • Ride on mower which I did upgrade to a zero turn mower for bigger mowing jobs
  • A self propelled push mower for the smaller lawn areas
  • Lawn edger– I have used both a Gas String Trimmer and Lawn edger
  • Wheel Barrow for Collecting the Grass
  • A Strong hand rake to tidy up grass clippings
  • Gas Leaf blower to clear the paths and other areas

Pruning Hedges and Rose Bushes- What tools I used to get the best results

  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Pole Trimmers
  • Pruning Secateurs

I now continue to use my garden tools to maintain my own garden and surrounding areas. On this site I will endeavor to help you get the right advice on what garden tools would suit you for the area of garden and size of the job you want to use them for. When you are wanting to purchase gardening tools there are a lot of things to consider before going out and purchasing your tools.

Steps to Consider When Choosing What Gardening tools you Need

  • What area of garden are you taking care of?
  • Are you using the tools for your own use or do you need it as a professional?
  • The weight of the tool, and the ease of use.
  • The power you need for the job
  • The noise level of each type

Information that we Want to Provide for our Readers

1/ Information about Gardening Tools

  • How to Safely use your Power Garden Tools
  • Which Garden Tool is best for you and the size of your garden
  • Some tools are better for different types of hedges
  • Best tools to maintain a neat and tidy lawn
  • How to care for and store your tools

2/ Comparisons and Reviews of Different Gardening Tools

  • Comparing Gas, Electric or Cordless gardening tools
  • Reviewing the different power gardening tools to help you make an informed decision
  • Comparing different models of tools made by the same Brand
  • In depth articles of particular tools, giving you more information on certain power tools

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3/ Tips and Tricks