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Which is the Best Makita Cordless Blower

Are you looking for a Makita cordless blower? If you are, you probably already know that Makita leaf blowers are some of the best (if not the best) leaf blowers on the market. And you’re not alone.

The high-quality leaf blowers manufactured by this brand always receive raving ratings and reviews on sites like Amazon. When you purchase a Makita cordless leaf blower you know it’s a purchase for life.

But how do you know which specific Makita model is best for you? Each model lives up to the same product quality standards, but not every model is equal. That’s why we’ve reviewed 4 of the best Makita cordless blowers available today.

Best Makita Cordless Blower

1 – Makita DUB183Z Long Nozzle Blower

This is the best Makita battery blower on the market today. And you don’t just have to take our word for it. It is one of the best rated Makita on Amazon, with an impressive 725 ratings (at time of writing this review) with a 4.5-out-of-5 star average.

The first time you hold it in your hand you straight away notice how incredibly light it is: Only 1.9 kilograms! That makes it an absolute lightweight compared to most leaf blowers out there.

It comes with an extra-long nozzle which is slightly curved at the bottom, which allows you to hold it straight down whilst walking with it and still blow away leaves in front of you. This means you don’t have to constantly lift the blower up slightly when using it as with other models.

Combined with the extremely light item weight make this Makita therefore also the best solution for people who have back problems or get tired in their arms after using a leaf blower for long periods at a time.

Other features and benefits include up to 18 minutes of continuous use at top speed, 3 adjustable air speed settings, maximum air velocity of 186 kilometers per hour, and a rubberized soft grip for comfort.


  • Long nozzle for maximum reach
  • Curved bottom nozzle for comfortable usage
  • Extremely lightweight with only 1.9 kilograms
  • Battery-powered with 18 minutes continuous runtime
  • 3 adjustable air speeds


  • Although not essential due to its lightweight design, it does not come with a shoulder belt

2 – Makita  XBU03Z Brushless Blower

Next up is the  XBU03Z Makita cordless blower. Although it didn’t make it to the top spot on this list it is still a top-quality product.

A great feature of this particular leaf blower is the cruise control lever which you can lock to keep your Makita blowing continuously. The 18V 6.0 Ah battery provides a run time of 12 minutes, which is slightly less than the previous Makita but still enough time to clean most gardens.


  • Cruise control lever for easy usage
  • Battery-powered with 12 minutes of continuous runtime
  • Constant speed control
  • Compact design due to the shorter nozzle
  • Easy assembly and usage


  • The battery is not included

3 – Makita USA INC XBU02Z

The third-place goes to the Makita XBU02Z, mostly because it is slightly more expensive than the previous two models. However, the premium price does give you a premium product in return.

The biggest advantage of the XBU02Z over the previous cordless blowers is that it runs on two 18V lithium-ion batteries instead of one, giving it double the horsepower at 36V. The runtime of this blower peaks at an impressive 29 minutes, which is more than enough for almost any garden.

It further comes with a 6-stage dial to control air velocity and volume for maximum customization and usability, double housing to reduce noise, and an in-line fan design to improve balance and ergonomics.


  • Runs on two batteries for double the power (2x 18V)
  • 6-stage volume/velocity dial
  • 29 minutes of continuous runtime
  • Double housing to reduce noise
  • In-line fan design for better ergonomics


  • A bit more expensive than the other blowers due to double-battery functionality

4 – Makita XBU04Z Brushless Cordless Blower

Last up is the Makita XBU04Z Brushless Cordless Blower, which made it to the list for one added feature in particular.

You see, unlike the others, this cordless blower can also be used as a vacuum or leaf mulcher! This makes it the most versatile Makita leaf blower on the list.

However, this versatility does come at an increase in both product weight and price, as it is the heaviest and most expensive item on the list.

But if you want a 2-in-1 blower and vacuum then this is the best product for you. Other features include a speed lock for continuous operation, cruise control lever, brushless motor, 2x 18V battery for maximum power, and a solid design for heavy-duty work.

All in all, this is still one of the best Makita cordless blowers on the market today.


  • 2-in-1 blower and vacuum option
  • Powered by 2x 18V batteries for extra power
  • Cruise control lever with speed triggers
  • Speed lock
  • Solid design for heavy-duty work


  • Quite heavy compared to the other cordless blowers

Things to consider before purchasing a Cordless Blower

Buying a cordless blower is exciting, but you do need to read up on what benefits to look for first. Otherwise, you might end up buying a product that isn’t right for your needs.

The first thing to consider is whether you want a battery-powered blower or a petrol-fueled one. Whereas a Makita battery blower is cheaper and cleaner, it won’t give you the same amount of horsepower as the petrol alternative.

That’s why you need to ask yourself: What do I need this blower for? If it’s just to blow some leaves out of your garden then the battery-powered blower will probably do the trick just fine.

Another important factor to think of is convenience. You will be carrying this leaf blower in your hand for minutes on end. If you have a bad back, you don’t want to carry around a 10-kilogram leaf blower without a belt or harness for support.

A long nozzle on your leaf blower can also further help alleviate pressure from your back as you can walk more upright.

Lastly, we’d always advise you to read ratings from previous customers. This gives you a great idea of what people who own the product think of it!

FAQs — Makita Leaf Blowers

Does Makita make a good leaf blower?

Makita leaf blowers are known for being powerful, quiet, and easy to use. The leaf blowers typically have higher MPH and CFM ratings compared to other brands. In addition, Makita leaf blowers are tough and durable, and the quality of the build gives the leaf blowers a long lifespan. 

Makita is a brand leader when it comes to garden power tools, and their leaf blowers are no exception. The company has been making quality lawn and garden equipment and outdoor tools for over 100 years. The most popular models of Makita leaf blowers include the XBU03Z, XBU03SM1, XBU02PT, and XBU04ZV. 

How long does a battery last on a Makita blower?

The runtime of Makita leaf blower batteries depends on the amperage, speed, and power when using the blower. On low power, a cordless Makita leaf blower can run for up to 80 minutes with a 5Ah, 18V battery. On medium power, expect 25 minutes, and on high power, 10 minutes.

How can I extend the runtime of a cordless Makita leaf blower?

You can extend the runtime of your cordless Makita leaf blower by purchasing a lithium-ion battery with a higher capacity. In addition, you can purchase an additional battery pack to double the length of time you can operate the leaf blower. For example, two 5Ah batteries will allow up to 20 minutes of continuous leaf-blowing activity at high speed.

Where are Makita blowers made?

Makita cordless leaf blower

Makita is based in Nagoya, Japan. The company has ten manufacturing facilities worldwide. These counties include the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, and Romania. Most countries are recognized for their high manufacturing standards. Makita also uses quality raw materials in all its production facilities. 

What battery does a Makita blower take?

Makita cordless leaf blowers use an 18V LXT lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The batteries are available with amperage ratings of 2.0Ah,  3.0Ah, 4.0Ah, 5.0Ah, or 6.0AH. These slide-style batteries use the Makita LXT system, which ensures maximum performance and efficiency. In addition, the Makita batteries are compatible with over 300 products. 

How long does a Makita battery last?

Matika’s attention to detail and efficient battery technology means their batteries last for three to six years. But, of course, the battery life depends on usage and if you use it with other rechargeable Makita tools. The Makita battery warranty typically lasts three years or 1,000 charging cycles. 

How long do Makita batteries take to charge?

Charging times with Makita batteries are typically super-fast — one reason the cordless tools are so popular. The batteries take between 25 and 55 minutes to charge, depending on the amperage. Here is official data from the Makita website

  • 18V 2.0Ah – 25 minutes
  • 18V 3.0Ah – 30 minutes
  • 18V 4.0Ah – 40 minutes
  • 18V 5.0Ah – 45 minutes
  • 18V 6.0Ah – 55 minutes

What CFM and MPH can I expect from Makita leaf blowers?

Makita cordless leaf blowers are some of the most powerful you can buy. The exact specifications differ between models, but you can expect the air volume of cubic feet per minute (CFM) to be around 450 and airspeed between 100 and 120 miles per hour (MPH). This type of air-blowing power can rival many corded electric blowers.

What is the cheapest Makita leaf blower?

The cheapest leaf blower produced by Makita is the DCB185Z. This cordless, handheld garden leaf-blowing machine is highly rated for its durability and power. It has three-speed settings and a vacuum function. It is powered by an 18V LXT rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

It has speeds up to 220 MPH, an air volume of 180 CFM, and a noise rating of 98dB. It retails for under $90.

What is the most expensive Makita leaf blower?

One of the most expensive Makita leaf blowers is the XBU02PT, with its brushless motor and space for two rechargeable 18V, 5.0Ah batteries. The 36V power keeps the blower working at high speed for up to 25 minutes. With zero emissions and maximum performance, it is hard to beat this leaf blower.

It has speeds up to 120 MPH, an air volume of 472 CFM, and super quiet noise levels of 61dB. It retails between $200 and $230.  

How good is a Makita warranty?

Makita backup their quality leaf blowers with an excellent one-year full-replacement or repair warranty. They also provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee where you can get a replacement or a refund if any faults develop. Additionally, all Makita rechargeable batteries come with a three-year warranty. Therefore, Matika guarantees defect-free producers within the first 12 months of buying the product. 

Best Makita Cordless Blower-In Conclusion

Makita is without a doubt one of the most well-known, reputable leaf blower manufacturers on the market today. So no matter which model you decide to choose, rest assured you are in safe hands.

That said, there are some small differences between the different blowers. Find out above which Makita cordless blower is best for your specific needs.