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What is the Best DeWalt Pole Hedge Trimmer

A DeWalt pole hedge trimmer is an excellent garden power tool to trim tall hedges, shrubs, and tree foliage. The main reason to consider buying a pole hedge trimmer is to make pruning tall shrubbery safer. Trying to balance on a ladder while trimming the top of a tall hedge is impractical and extremely risky. Buying a pole-mounted hedge trimmer makes gardening more manageable and safer.

There are many types of hedge trimmers with pole attachments on the market. Most corded electric trimmers and cordless models have telescoping poles, adjustable cutting heads, and hardened steel dual-action blades. Additionally, the hedge trimmer must have a high-quality build, be easy to clean, and manageable to operate.

So, what is it about a DeWalt pole hedge trimmer that makes this model worthy of your consideration? Why do DeWalt gardening tools usually stand out among the competition when it comes to hedge trimmers?

This article is a comprehensive review of DeWalt pole hedge trimmers. You will find helpful information in this buying guide about each model’s pros and cons. This will help you compare DeWalt hedge trimmers with similar models in the same category to make an informed choice.

DeWalt Pole Hedge Trimmer Overview

A DeWalt pole hedge trimmer cuts through hedge and shrub foliage up to 12 feet high. The pole trimming machine has a 20V motor and 22-inch dual-action blades. The hardened steel blades effortlessly slice through leaves and branches up to one inch thick. In addition, the articulating head has seven positions and adjusts to a 180-degree angle.

DeWalt Hedge Trimmer Review

Our in-depth review examines all the features of the three hedge trimming models that DeWalt currently offer. You will learn about the DeWalt Pole Hedge Trimmer DCPH820, the DeWalt Hedge Trimming Combo Kit DCKO86M1, and the DeWalt Hedge Trimmer Attachment.

DeWalt Pole Hedge Trimmer DCPH820 Review

The DeWalt hedge trimmer has a telescoping pole allowing a maximum reach of 12 feet. The battery-powered trimmer features a 22-inch hardened steel, laser-cut blade with dual-action cutting. This design helps to reduce vibration and fatigue, making the trimmer easier to use for extended periods.

The best features of the hedge trimmer are the adjustable articulating head and battery life. The trimmer blade adjusts to seven positions and up to a 180° angle. This allows you to trim the top of the tallest hedges in your backyard. Also, the trimmer has a powerful motor, producing up to 2,800 SPM (cutting strokes per minute). Additionally, the 1-inch cut capacity is enough to slice through most hedge and shrub branches.

Thanks to DeWalt technology, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a fast recharge time and extended run time. User reviews of this model say that it works for an hour and a half (90 minutes) on one charge. Additionally, DeWalt rechargeable batteries are interchangeable with other DeWalt battery gardening tools.


  • Tool length: 7 feet
  • Weight: 7.9 lbs. (without batteries)
  • Blade length: 22 inches
  • Cutting strokes: 2,800 SPM
  • Cutting capacity: 1 inch


  • 7-position, 180° articulating head — adjustable to all cutting positions
  • Highly efficient brushless motor
  • 22-inch steel cutting blade with dual action
  • Up to 12 feet cutting height
  • 1-inch cutting gap for trimming thick branches
  • Telescoping pole
  • Blade sheath
  • Shoulder strap

DeWalt Cordless Hedge Trimmer – Pros and Cons

Here is a list of the pros and cons that we found with the DeWalt pole hedge trimmer.


  • The lightweight, durable pole hedge trimmer is easy to use
  • Less fatigue thanks to the ergonomic design and shoulder strap
  • Excellent battery time, with up to 90 minutes of continuous use
  • The long, extended reach makes trimming tall hedges safer
  • Fast cuts on branches up to 1 inch
  • It has an average star rating of 4.5 from 1,231 reviews
  • 3-year limited warranty and excellent customer support


  • It can only be used with the pole
  • The battery isn’t included
DeWalt Pole Hedge Trimmer

DeWalt Hedge Trimmer Combo Kit DCKO86M1 Review

The DeWalt cordless pole hedge trimmer and pole saw combo kit is the ultimate tool for trimming tall hedges and pruning trees. The telescoping pole has attachments for the DeWalt hedge trimmer and the DeWalt chain saw. This allows for trimming and pruning a variety of tall plants in your front or backyard.

The DeWalt telescoping pole hedge trimmer has the same specifications as the DCPH820 battery-powered model. This includes a dual-action hedge trimmer with a hardened steel 22-inch dual-edge blade. The articulating hedge trimmer has seven adjustable positions up to a 180° angle. Additionally, the powerful 20V motor, 2,800 SPM, and 1-inch cutting gap let you trim the toughest of tall hedges.

The DeWalt pole saw attachment is a powerful tool for pruning branches high up in trees or dense hedges. With the saw on the end of the pole, you can reach up to 15 feet. The 8-inch chain saw blade does an impressive job of cutting thick branches. The saw boasts an impressive 96 cuts per minute.

One of the benefits of the DeWalt trimmer and saw combo is getting a 2-amp battery charger to charge high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. The trimmer or power saw has a continuous runtime of 60 to 90 minutes on a full charge.


  • 22-inch pole hedge trimmer with 2,800 SPM
  • 8-inch pole saw delivering up to 96 cuts per minute
  • Lithium-ion battery (DCB204 model)
  • Battery charger (DCB112 model)
  • Shoulder strap
  • Blade sheath
  • Telescoping pole giving up to 15 feet reach

DeWalt Cordless Hedge Trimmer Kit – Pros and Cons

Here is a list of the pros and cons of the DeWalt saw and pole hedge trimming combo kit.


  • 2-in-1 trimming and cutting tool
  • Includes sheathes for the blade and the saw for easy and safe storage
  • Tension wrench included
  • Excellent battery runtime, which can be extended using a higher capacity 40V rechargeable battery
  • Easy to work in narrow areas in amongst dense branches
  • Lightweight and the shoulder strap helps to ease muscle fatigue and strain


  • Limited torque
  • The hedge trimmer is prone to snag
  • It can feel top-heavy with the attachments
DeWalt Cordless Hedge Trimmer Kit

DeWalt Hedge Trimmer Pole Attachment DCPH 820BH Review

The DeWalt hedge trimmer attachment is designed to work with the DeWalt DCP620 pole saw. This trimmer is the same as the pole trimmer, only without the pole. Therefore, if you already own the pole saw, this is a great piece of equipment to trim your tall hedges. It has all the features of the DeWalt pole hedge trimmer.


  • 22-inch hardened steel blade with dual-action cutting
  • Easily slices through branches up to 1-inch thick
  • Articulating head, adjustable to 7 positions and up to 180°
  • Blade sheath

DeWalt Hedge Trimmer Attachment – Pros and Cons

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying the DeWalt trimmer pole attachment?


  • Easy to use for trimming tall bushes, shrubs, and hedges
  • Adjustable head to suit all cutting angles


  • Only useful if you already have the DeWalt pole saw or pole hedge trimmer
  • It can’t be used as a handheld hedge trimmer
DeWalt Hedge Trimmer Attachment

Why Choose a DeWalt Hedge Trimmer?

DeWalt has a reputation for building high-quality battery-powered tools. The DeWalt pole hedge trimmer stands among the competition in terms of battery life, quality, and value for money. In addition, the telescoping pole gives some extra length compared to other models in the price range.

When it comes to cutting capacity, the DeWalt pole hedge trimmer excels. For example, a pole trimmer such as the Sun Joe SJH901E only has an 18-inch blade and cuts branches up to 0.7” thick. Compare this to the similar DeWalt model — it has a 22-inch blade and 1” gap between the teeth. Other models of pole hedge trimmers typically have a blade size of 20 inches.

Battery-power and recharging capacity is another area where DeWalt excels. For example, user reviews of the DeWalt pole hedge trimmer say they get between 60 and 90 minutes of continuous runtime. When comparing other pole pruners, DeWalt comes out on top. For example, the Greenworks 22342 only has a maximum of 30 minutes of runtime and a 3-position pivoting head.

When comparing pole hedge trimmers in the same class, the DeWalt model comes out on top. It has one of the most extended runtimes, widest cutting gap, and longest dual-action cutting blade.

There are a few things to consider before buying the DeWalt model. First, like many pole hedge and shrub pruners, the DeWalt trimmer doesn’t allow for handheld use like a traditional trimmer. Additionally, the model comes without a battery and charger, which you will have to purchase separately. However, you will be able to use interchangeable batteries if you already have DeWalt battery-powered tools.

DeWalt Pole Hedge Trimmer — In Conclusion

The DeWalt Pole Hedge Trimmer DCPH820 is an excellent battery hedge trimmer to buy. The cordless tool allows you to work freely in your yard, trimming tall hedges or shrubs in your yard. In addition, the extendable 12-foot telescoping pole lets you get to hard-to-reach places. If you need a chain saw attachment, then the DeWalt Pole and Saw combo kit is an ideal purchase.