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The Best Sun Joe Tiller

Sun Joe rototillers are powerful garden tools for cultivating the soil. Everyone knows that digging compacted soil, weeding, and aerating the ground is back-breaking work. Those are just three reasons to consider buying a top-quality Sun Joe tiller.

But how can you know which is the best Sun Joe tiller for you? Should you buy a Sun Joe corded electric tiller to churn and break up the soil? Or is it worth considering a battery-powered tiller? After all, no one wants to deal with annoying extension cords while gardening. And a dirty gas-powered tiller with its harmful emissions is not an Eco-friendly choice.

Choosing the best Sun Joe rototiller doesn’t have to be as challenging as breaking up compact soil. We have churned through hundreds of user reviews of Sun Joe garden tillers to find the top 3 currently available online.

For each product, you will learn its benefits and drawbacks to help make an informed decision on which Sun Joe tiller best suits your gardening needs.

Sun Joe Tiller Reviews — Product Comparison Overview

Model NumberPower PowerCultivating WidthCultivating Depth Runtime PowerWeight
Sun Joe 24V-X2-TLR1448 volts, 500 Watts14”7”35 minsCordless33 lbs
Sun Joe TJW24C24 volts, 250 Watts1”6”60 minsCordless4.5 lbs

Reviews of the Top Four Sun Joe Tillers

Let’s look in depth at the best corded and cordless tillers by Sun Joe.

1. Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch 13.5 AMP Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator

This Sun Joe electric garden tiller is a robust soil cultivating machine that can till soil up to 8 inches deep. As the best-selling garden tiller, the TJ604E features a 13.5-amp motor and rear guide wheels, meaning it operates like an electric lawnmower. The tiller easily breaks up compacted dirt at 370 RPM thanks to its powerful motor.

Some excellent features of the Sun Joe TJ604E are its easy push button start system, collapsible handle, six durable angled tines, and three-position wheel adjustment. In addition, the fact that you can adjust the rear wheel height makes this a highly versatile tiller for your garden.

Whether preparing a garden bed for planting, breaking up new ground, or aerating the soil, the TJ406E is tough enough to handle almost any task. Because this is a corded tiller, you get unlimited runtime. The only limitation is the length of the extension cord. However, if you till your garden systematically, the cable is never an issue.

When reviewing Sun Joe’s TJ406E tiller, we loved the fact it has a wide cultivating pass of 16 inches. With six tines per blade, it helps to make preparing the soil quicker because it requires fewer passes. And the angled tines are ideal for dealing with soil compaction. We also found it was easy to assemble and get started in the garden.


  • Excellent value for money
  • The folding handle makes it easy to store
  • Powerful motor
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Decent wheel adjustment
  • A robust, well-designed unit
  • Two-year warranty


  • Difficult for tilling in tight spaces
  • The power cord can be problematic for some people

Who is this tiller best suited for?

The Sun Joe TJ406E is a tremendous all-around tiller for small to medium-sized gardens. Ideal if you want an affordable machine for tackling tough gardening jobs.

2. Sun Joe 24V-X2-TLR14 48-Volt iON+ Cordless Garden Tiller

If you are looking for a powerful cordless tiller, then the Sun Joe TLR14 is a superb buy. This battery-powered tiller has two 24V, 2.0-amp rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The tiller cuts through hard soil using four steel blades with its angled steel tines and has a tilling width of 14 inches and a maximum depth of 7 inches.

What we liked about the Sun Joe cordless tiller was its handy handlebar-style grip. This gives you freedom of movement and allows you to maneuver in tight spaces easier. Also, the easy-glide wheels can be adjusted to three height settings.

The beauty of this Sun Joe cordless model is its 500-watt brushless motor. This provides plenty of emission-free power to churn and break up hard soil or prepare flower beds. In addition, being a brushless motor means that it doesn’t drain battery power. According to the manufacturer, you can get up to 35 minutes per charge. However, we found that around 25 minutes is a more accurate guide on a single charge.

What other features of this Sun Joe tiller make it a worthy contender for best cordless tiller? First, the tiller does a reasonable job of cutting through turf-grass layers. Also, the ergonomic hand-grip and the quick start/stop trigger make it easy to use without bounding across compacted soil.


  • Powerful 500-watt brushless motor
  • No exhaust fumes and not limited by a cord
  • Batteries charge in 55 minutes
  • Easy-glide, three-position adjustable wheels provide maximum mobility
  • Excellent for cultivating the soil for planting


  • 35 minutes runtime is limiting
  • The trigger handle can be awkward to use

Who is this tiller best suited for?

The Sun Joe 24V-X2-TLR14 is a good choice if you want a battery-powered tiller for a medium-sized garden.

3. Sun Joe TJW24C 24-Volt Cordless Telescoping Cultivator

The Sun Joe TJW24C is a battery-powered cultivator ideal for weeding small gardens. The single tine with its angled tips does an excellent job of pulling weeds from vegetable patches and flower beds. In addition, the Sun Joe garden tiller has a 250-Watt motor powered by a 24V rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The best features of the Sun Joe TJW24C are its convenience and weight. Thanks to rechargeable batteries, you are not confined to the limits of an extension cord. And you have no fuel mix or harmful emissions to deal with. Also, the telescoping cultivator weighs less than 5 lbs., making it easy for anyone to use.

We found that the “ground-breaking” rechargeable cordless cultivator was best used for power weeding and tiling soil between vegetable rows. We also liked the adjustable telescoping shaft, ergonomic handle, and safety trigger grip. This made it relatively easy to use and turn over fairly hard (but not compacted) ground.

Another excellent feature of Sun Joe’s rechargeable garden tools is that the batteries are interchangeable. Therefore, you can use them with other Sun Joe cordless tools. However, with this cordless weeder, you get up to 60 minutes of runtime — almost enough for weeding the entire garden.


  • Easy to maneuver in narrow spaces
  • The ultra-lightweight tiller only weighs 4.2 lbs.
  • Suitable for weeding and mixing soil amendments
  • Ergonomic handle and telescoping shaft
  • 6” blade with ten tines
  • Up to 60 minutes of runtime


  • Requires constant adjustment because there is no guide wheel
  • Too limited for anything more than weeding

Who is this tiller best suited for?

The Sun Joe TJW24C is ideal if you need a power weeder for your garden to keep soil and plant roots healthy.

Tips For Getting the Best Results From a Tiller

Using a tiller to cultivate the soil in your garden is the best way to achieve healthy, fertile soil. Therefore, a tiller is the best way to prepare your soil for planting vegetables or fruit. You can also use a rototiller for amending soil, weeding, aerating, or breaking up compacted soil.

However, it’s vital to know how to use a tiller properly to get the best results. Whether you want to remove weeds and crops in the fall to turn over the soil to prepare it for winter or get your beds ready for planting in spring, a tiller will eliminate much of the back-breaking work.

When to use a tiller?

The best time to use a tiller is when the ground is relatively dry and not too wet. Tilling wet, soggy ground results in large, compacted lumps when the soil dries. Therefore, waiting for one or two days after rainfall is best before tilling the soil.

However, don’t wait until the soil is bone dry before tilling. So, if it’s not rained for several weeks, you could turn the sprinklers on to dampen the ground and make it easier to work.

Prepare the garden soil

Before tilling the soil, it’s a good idea to ensure it’s ready for cultivating. So, take a walk through the area you plan on planting and remove rocks, stones, sticks, and thick weeds. If you are preparing new ground, ensure no utility lines are under the ground.

Using a garden tiller properly

When powering up, allow the tiller to propel forward and naturally find the depth you want to till. For hard, compacted soil, it’s best not to go too deep. Instead, make two passes in opposite directions. As a rule, use a shallow depth for hard ground and a medium setting for softer soil.

Don’t Forget About safety

Be aware of the risks associated with tilling. First, the machine has sharp rotating blades spinning at hundreds of revolutions per minute. Also, tillers can throw up stones and sharp garden debris. Therefore, always wear safety gear — safety glasses, boots, and long pants. You should also ensure that other people or pets are not nearby when tilling the soil.

Why Choose a Sun Joe Tiller Over Other Tiller Brands?

Sun Joe makes “ground-breaking” gardening equipment that represents good quality at affordable prices. This is one of the reasons why Sun Joe is a popular brand in the garden tool industry. Compared to other brands like Earthwise, Kimo, and Greenworks, Sun Joe products are all excellent value for money.

Tilling and cultivating gardens using a conventional shovel to break up the soil can be exhausting work. But just as tiring is using a low-quality tiller. This is a compelling reason to choose a Sun Joe garden tiller. Their range of top-quality garden rototiller tillers and cultivators will help you plant your vegetables without breaking a sweat or breaking the bank. All you will do is break the ground with ease.

To ensure your peace of mind, Sun Joe guarantees its products against defects in material or manufacturing. In addition, all products come with at least a two-year warranty.

Sun Joe Tiller Review — In Conclusion

Sun Joe rototillers, tillers, and cultivators are all excellent power garden tools suitable for residential yards. The tillers are popular — not just because they are affordable — but because they are easy to use, work effectively, and have powerful motors.