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Reasons For Buying The Sun Joe Tj603e

There are many tiller and cultivator choices on the market, but one of the best, in our opinion, is the Sun Joe tj603e electric tiller. This is a formidable machine that can get the job done without causing body and back strain. Because this is an electric tiller, there is no need for pull starter cords or fill it with fuel. If you need a tiller that can tackle hard soil and be gentle on the softer upper layers, this may be the ideal machine for you. In this Sun Joe tj603e review, we will take a look at this feature packed machine in more detail.

The Sun Joe TJ603E Basics

The Sun Joe tj603e electric tiller and cultivator is powered via a 12-amp motor which can make short work of impacted dirt. This machine can slice through and pulverize the soil at 340 rpm. This aerates the soil and prepares it for planting seeds or seedlings.

An area 16” wide and 8” deep can be cultivated in mere seconds, and weeds are effectively controlled. The Sun Joe tj603e has a collapsible handle for storage, rear wheels for improved maneuverability, and a full two-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

Sun Joe TI603E Key Features:

MotorPowerful 12 amp with one button instant start
SpeedThe solid steel tines rotate at 340 rpm
TransportHas wheels to make transportation easier
StorageFolding handles make it more convenient to store when not in use
Till SizeCan deep till up to 8 inches with a maximum width of 16 inches
Wheel HeightThe TJ603E has multiple positions for adjusting to the ideal wheel height

Using The Sun Joe Tj603e 16-Inch 12 Amp Electric Tiller And Cultivator

This is a fast, easy to use, affordable and simple to store electric tiller and cultivator. Despite its smaller size, you can feel the motor power when you start the machine with a switch. The soil is tilled with six parallel steel tines that cover a 16” wide area. This tiller width improves efficiency, and you can cultivate a small to medium sized yard in next to no time. The maximum cultivation depth is 8” which is pretty standard for electric tillers in this price range. The wheels are adjustable in three positions to improve the maneuverability and transportation.

This electric tiller is larger than most competing machines in a similar price range, but it’s lighter too. Even a person with average strength can operate this machine without bouncing and rocking issues. If you have hard rocky surfaces, most electric tillers will fail to till the ground properly. But, the Sun Joe tj603e has the power to deal with most soil types and surfaces with ease. This machine is easy to assemble, and you can be up and running quickly.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this electric tiller and cultivator in more detail:


  • This machine is easy to store and transport with a folding handle and rear wheels.
  • This is one of the few electric tillers that can handle rough ground.
  • The powerful 12 amp motor can handle most types of terrain.
  • Aside from cleaning, the maintenance requirements are minimal.
  • This is a powerful and durable tiller.


  • The trailing power cord can be a trip hazard, if it’s not handled carefully.

Specifications Of The Sun Joe Tj603e 16-Inch 12 Amp Electric Tiller And Cultivator

Manufacturer: Sun Joe.

Model: tj603e.

Motor: 12 amp electric.

Max Cultivation Depth: 8”.

Max Cultivation Width: 16”.

Form Factor: Push by hand.

Steel Tines: 6.

Handles: Collapsible.

Wheel Placement: Rear.

Adjustable Wheels: Three positions.

Tine Rotation: 340 rpm.

Maintenance: Negligible.

Working Surface: Soft, medium, and hard.

Weather resistant: Yes.

Color: Green and lime green.

Weight: 27 lbs.

Reasons For Buying The Sun Joe Tj603e Over Other Electric Tillers

With the huge number of tiller models on the market, it’s natural to wonder why you might want to consider the Sun Joe tj603e to till and cultivate your yard or garden.

There are many features that make this model stand out from the competition. First, this electric tiller has a 16” wide tilling surface area. So, when you’re tilling, you will notice that you can cover an area much faster, and this is an efficient way to work.

Next, the handle grips are in an overhand configuration which gives the operator more control during tillage operations. This is especially useful on rougher ground, and it’s a welcome feature on a tiller that weighs 27 lbs. When you’re done, the handles have a folding mechanism to reduce the profile of the machine. This is extremely useful when you want to store the equipment, and you have limited space.

Finally, the six tines are made from durable steel and solid component materials that will last for years. These tines are driven by a class leading 12 amp electric motor, and they rotate at 340 rpm. This gives excellent penetration down to 8” through tough and hard soil. This is a real time saver because the operator will not need to linger in a single location or make multiple passes to get the job done.

Conclusion-Who Is This Tiller Best For?

It would be hard to recommend any piece of equipment to a potential user without fully understanding their situation and what they are trying to achieve. Every yard and garden will have differing soil conditions, clay deposits, and rock formations to contend with.

If you’re in the market for a tiller and cultivator, it’s likely that you’re interested in changing a plot of land into a garden.

This may be for food production purposes, and the key to efficiency is to invest in tools and machines that can make the tasks much easier. For these reasons, we believe that the Sun Joe tj603e may be the solution to these problems.

Why? Well, it would be natural to consider a gas powered tiller, but this is probably overkill for a small to medium sized garden. The maintenance requirements can be considerable, and these machines are harder to use and store. For these reasons, an electric tiller paired with a powerful motor is a more reasonable option.

The Sun Joe tj603e has a great rating on Amazon for a very good reason. Many users have praised this mini-tiller for its solid performance that exceeds expectations for a smaller tiller and cultivator. Although it is true that the power cord can be annoying, this is a small drawback when you take a look at the bigger picture.

Pairing a powerful 12 amp motor with the fast rotation of the six steel times is inspired. This machine punches above its weight, but it’s easy to control and store when you’re done. The maintenance requirements are very low and the two year warranty shows that the company has confidence in this product.