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Best Mantis Tillers for 2024

Buying the best Mantis tiller is a sound investment in your arsenal of garden power tools. Mantis produces high-quality tillers in the US that are compact, lightweight, and suitable for residential gardens. Mantis tillers come in a range of 2- and 4-cycle gas-powered models, as well as a powerful electric tiller. The heavy-duty tines on the tillers easily break up compacted clay soil, easily move stones, and effortlessly cut through weeds and roots.

If you have decided to purchase a Mantis tiller, you have already made an excellent decision. But what is the best Mantis tiller for your gardening needs? Also, what are the advantages of a gas-powered Mantis tiller over an electric tiller?

Choosing the ideal garden tiller depends on several factors. First, it’s crucial to decide if you need a gas-powered tiller or an electric garden tiller. Typically, a corded electric model is limited in range by the extension cord’s length. However, an electric-powered tiller is lighter, cheaper, and suitable for most residential yards.

A gas-powered tiller tends to be noisier and more for heavy-duty jobs. Usually, a gas tiller performs well in all types of garden soil, and compact models are ideal for using to till compacted soil in the garden. But compared to a tiller with an electric motor, gas tillers require more maintenance throughout the year.

This review examines the best Mantis tillers you can buy. You will find out about the pros and cons of each model to help you make an informed decision before purchasing the perfect tiller for your gardening needs.

The Best Mantis Tillers

Let’s look in more detail at the best Mantis tillers. Here you will find one corded electric tiller and two with a gas-powered engine.

1. Mantis 3550 Electric Tiller and Cultivator

The Mantis 3550 tiller is a corded model with a powerful 9-amp motor, four sets of forward rotating tines, and two speeds. The garden power tool features a quiet engine that does an impressive job of tilling, cultivating, weeding, and renovating beds. In addition, the compact tiller easily deals with clumpy, heavy clay soil or rocky soil, thanks to the design and build.

The electric Mantis front-tine tiller has a tilling capacity of 12 inches wide and 8 inches deep. The adjustable wheels have three positions to cope with any kind of tilling work. Additionally, the wheels are also entirely retractable. The ergonomic handle means the model is comfortable to grip and easy to maneuver.

The electric Mantis tiller is an excellent alternative to gas-powered tillers. Despite being a lightweight tiller, the Mantis 3550 is an excellent tool, suitable for heavy gardening jobs.


  • Dual speed — 260 RPM and 310 RPM
  • Lightweight, compact design makes it easy to store
  • 3-position wheel adjustment
  • The tilling width is 12 inches, and depth is 8 inches
  • Suitable for tilling and cultivating
  • Excellent value for money
  • Durable hardened steel tines


  • Restricted by cord length

Best feature: A lightweight tiller with a powerful, low-noise engine.

Mantis Tillers

2. Mantis 7940 Gas-Powered Tiller and Cultivator

The Mantis 7940 is a gas-powered cultivator that you can use for tilling a residential yard. A Honda four-cycle engine with 25cc displacement powers sharp tines for cultivating, digging, weeding, and tilling. The Mantis gas tiller is also surprisingly lightweight, weighing only 24 lbs. The compact tiller is suitable for small to large gardens and allows you till and weed close to fences and walls.

A nice feature of the Mantis 7940 model is the comfortable soft, flared grips. Additionally, collapsible handles fold down for easy storage, and the handy carrying handle is ideal for transportation.

The Mantis 7940 gas tiller is an excellent choice if you have many gardening requirements. A range of attachments is also available, including lawn aerator, border edger, plow, and lawn de-thatcher.


  • Honda four-cycle 25cc gasoline engine
  • Tine speed of 240 RPM
  • Tilling capacity — 9 inches wide and 10 inches deep
  • You can buy a range of additional attachments
  • Solid worm-gear transmission
  • Lightweight and easy to operate in tight spaces
  • Quiet motor compared to other gasoline-powered tillers
  • No need to mix fuel


  • The reverse action could be better as it only tills up to 3 inches deep

Best feature: Solid-build gas tiller that is ideal for compact gardens.

Mantis Tillers

3. Mantis 7924 Fast Start Tiller

The Mantis 7924 mini tiller is a compact power tool that performs just as well as a heavy-duty tiller. The gas tiller has a 21.2cc, two-cycle gas engine that features Mantis Fast-Start technology. Thanks to the innovative gear mechanism, the powerful motor delivers outstanding performance to reduce your workload in the garden.

The four sets of durable steel tines provide a maximum tilling depth of 12 inches and a width of 9 inches. This fact makes the Mantis tiller an ideal choice for small gardens and tilling between plants and along fences.


  • Curvey tines deal with any level of soil compaction
  • Folding handle with ergonomic grip
  • Fast-Start technology makes starting up to 75% easier
  • Easy to use
  • 240 RPM
  • Comfortable throttle control
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Handy kickstand


  • Single-speed only

Best feature: One of the most compact gas-powered tillers and perfect for use in the garden.

Mantis Tillers

Best Features of Mantis Tillers

There are several reasons why Mantis tillers are a popular choice among homeowners. One of the best features is the innovative gear design. The gear mechanism sits in a heavy-duty cast housing over the tines. This means that Mantis tillers deliver more power than other lightweight tillers.

Another reason to choose a Mantis tiller is the serpentine digging blades. The unique design makes it effortless to cut through tough soil and compact ground.

How to Use a Mantis Tiller in Your Garden

An electric or gas-powered Mantis tiller makes cultivating soil easier. The tiller deals with all soil types thanks to the compact size design, gear system, and unique tines. You can also use the Mantis tiller to remove grass. However, a gasoline Mantis tiller has many more uses in your garden.

Many Mantis tillers have additional attachments to care for lawns, such as aerating or removing thatch. Additionally, the Border Edger makes it easy to repair lawns or prepare flower beds with accuracy. Finally, if you need to prepare the ground for planting vegetables, then the furrower and plow attachments will be helpful.

Mantis Tillers vs. Other Tillers — What Make Mantis the Best Tiller?

Mantis tillers are among the most popular tillers, thanks to their lightweight design and unrivaled performance. The unique gear design is something that most tillers lack. Not only are Mantis some of the lightest tillers on the market, but they are also some of the most powerful.

All Mantis tillers have the following features:

  • Ergonomic, Sure-Grip comfort grips
  • Professional-grade quality in residential tillers
  • Innovative gear system for maximum performance and durability
  • Long consumer warranty
  • Fold-able handles for easy storage
  • Up to a 10-inch tilling depth
  • Fast-start motor (gasoline models)
  • Durable build and quality

Conclusion — The Best Mantis Tillers

Mantis tillers are worth considering if you are planning to buy a cultivator or tilling machine. The Mantis 3550 Electric Tiller is the best option for small- to medium-sized gardens if you prefer the corded option. From the gas-powered Mantis tillers, the Mantis 7924 Plus is an excellent choice. This tiller features a 21cc, 2-cycle engine with Fast-start technology, tilling width of 9 inches, and it only weighs 20 lbs.